Monday, August 31, 2009

Chinese Food

I'm using dad's office these days. We go out for business lunches too.


This is what you get from fantasizing about ice cream for too long without giving in to your desire. When I finally succumbed, which was yesterday, I wound up getting this sucker: Three scoops and a gigantic dollop of soft serve on top - and I still feel sick to my stomach at the mere thought of ice cream.

I'm sure it will pass though.

Hmmm...anyone but me find that the chocolate sprinkles makes it look like it has pubic hair?

Friday, August 28, 2009

More more Stockholm


I've been eating quite a bit of yogurt with berries while in Copenhagen, presuming it was something Johan really digged, since he always seemed to have those ingredients in the fridge and on the breakfast table.

During a conversation over breakfast in Stockholm, however, it turned out he's been buying and serving it all this time, thinking it was something "all girls liked". Me in particular.

Although it looks so pretty and wholesome, I think we're gonna stop eating it now seeing that neither of us are that big fans of the combo. Personally, I think berries are much better on their own.



Grasshopper. Swedish.