Saturday, October 31, 2009

Motel Aesthetics - for my petite

If Marie had seen this little seating arrangement at the budget chain Motel 6 right off the interstate to Boston, I'm sure she would have whipped out her large format camera and shot some beautiful photos of it.

It was only 55 bucks a night for a large room with a king size bed.

Of course this meant the sheets were a bit dodgy looking. Little pieces of hair here, a part of a nylon wig atop a yellowish stain there. In fact, I think both Johan and I felt a bit like prostitutes in that room. And not in some kinky way, mind you.

But it was quite acceptable really, and they made up for their shortcomings by serving us a cup of complimentary, lukewarm tea in a Styrofoam cup before we left. Well, it was unsupervised self serve, but you get my drift.

Actually, this motel was a perfect example of one of those corporate chains susceptible to greenwashing their customers - you know, by suggesting their clientele use their towels more than once and sit in the dark with no heat on, not so the company can save money (NO, really, where would you get that idea?!!) but rather so we call all do something really good for the planet. This implied, among other things, that the bed sheets were only changed twice a week, which makes me wonder whose exactly I slept in.

garden lantern

Only in America

The static guard that immediately eliminates static cling

The pine scent spray that gives the artificial tree the scent of fresh pine

The inflatable santa on bass boat

The car costume

The dip chiller

Happy Halloween!

Yikes, look what my sister made: A perfectly carved Halloween pumpkin. From the look of the picture my guess is she will be cooking all things pumpkin the next couple of days - pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin this and that.

Actually, when it comes to celebrating Halloween in Denmark, I think it might be in place to consider my family a group of 'first-movers'. As it is, we started celebrating it back when I was in elementary school, late 80s perhaps. You know, back when Denmark had only a handful of commercially oriented Holidays. My mother, being a stewardess and a frequent visitor to the U.S., suggested that my class at school throw a Halloween party for the kids and their families, and so it went that all the kids at my teeny tiny catholic school (which wasn't the teeniest bit catholic, mind you) dressed up as slutty rock stars, pumpkins and HeMans, ate ourselves silly in imported candy corn, while the grown ups sat around wondering if they had anything more in common besides being, well, parents to a bunch of costumed kids high on sugar.

Tonight, on the other hand, I will be attending this, where Lyne has some photographs on show, I think:O) I'm planning on going as Eggs and Bacon. That or simply 'breakfast'.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Team Work

This is how a large part of the trip went by: Johan and I driving peacefully down a picturesque countryside road, when suddenly he hit the brakes and pulled over, while I, in the passenger seat, experienced novel nuances of motion sickness. Then Johan would indicate some 'sight' we just passed which he thought I ought to step out of the car and take a picture of, while he stayed in the car and kept the motor running.

"Did you get a good one of the cows?" he'd ask subsequently. "With a shot of the background and all?"
At one point we got into a slight argument when I suggested we try to store images on our mental memory cards rather than our digital ones. "It's all about the experience", I tried.
But he wouldn't hear of it.
"Look on the bright side", he said. "The more we get covered today, the less we have to worry about you getting out of the car to take pictures of stuff tomorrow".

Vermont. A tasting menu.

Lodge at Dusk

Parking Spot. Reserved.



Johan and I named our GPS 'Diane' with reference to Dale Cooper's secretary in Twin Peaks whom he always addresses through his dictaphone. In case you're wondering, we just watched the entire series, and hence everything we saw on our road trip was compared to Lynch's small-American-town-close-to-the-Canadian-border universe - more on that later.

In any event, Diane has been a most peculiar companion. Helpful, yes, but most, most peculiar. Sometimes we suspected she decided to lead us along the most scenic route from A to B as opposed to, say, the fastest one. At others, we suspected she went for the route with the most road work ahead, or the creepiest with the least street light. What was perhaps most peculiar about her was the fact that the concept of a U-turn did not seem to exist in her otherwise impressively programmed brain. For instance, if we missed a left turn here or a right one there, she didn't correct our mistake by suggesting we simply turn the car around and go back but rather 'recalculated', as she put it, and wound up taking us across a field where obviously few pick up trucks had gone before us.

Peculiar indeed. Yet, I somehow already miss her.

For Dad

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm back! With about 500 pictures! And just about equally many stories! And I can't wait to share them with you:O)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello from the road!

I'm roadtripping my way through Vermont, and thought I would give you this as you wait breathlessly for pictures of New England leaves that have gone from red to brown a good ten days before we arrived. Apparently the likes of me are called 'leaves peepers', and well yes, during my first breakfast in the small city of Newfane, the chef said: "I guess you missed the leaves with about ten the way, are you from out of town or are you just, like, the only bilinguals in Newfane?"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Magic Pussy and Boners

This sassy lady, Jessica Delfino, was part of the Women of Art and Rock performance at Tompkins Square Park today, and wow was I smitten with her! She was genuinely funny in that dry, morbid kind of way Danes tend to like, plus she sang emancipating and empowering songs of the pussy ("My Pussy is Magic") and of avoiding rape:
Don't rape me!
You look angry and horny as hell
are you mentally ill or did you just get out of jail
I may seem an easy target but what do you know
because I got this whistle and I'm ready to blow, so
Don't rape me!

The lyrics of the latter were accompanied by the tunes of a so-called rape whistle, which she played surprisingly well. At the end of the song, she threw the whistle from the stage into the crowd, and who do you think caught it, if not me! And I mean, it was with one hand even! And I mean, I've never, like, caught anything in my entire life. Not even a tennis ball when playing the Danish version of softball back in elementary school! Her lipstick mark is all the more reason to fetishize it, of course:O)

Another one of her songs was called "Boner for me" and was dedicated to a guy she had an unrequited crush on back in junior high, and eventually bumped into many years later when he attended one of her show. The lyrics go like this:
Hey super cool I knew you in school and you wouldn't even talk to me
now I'm no longer your peer and you're watching me up here and
now you got a boner for me

You used to like Melissa but she wouldn't even kissya back in 1993
back then I prank called you to say that I bet one day you'd
surely have a boner for me

back when I used to poke my sandwich I'd wish you were in my bed
but you wouldn't have known what to do
I bet you still don't know what to do
but thanks for bringing your boner to my show

hey super shit head I wanted to give you head all through junior year
but you were so aloof now you are ready to move that
boner over to me

it's too late to give your boner to me

Johan got her CD, and she even has a track named "Vermont" - perfect soundtrack for our road trip perhaps?

woman of art and rock

Obento box

This one goes out to my little Anne-pande: A feminist dressed as an obento box. I think the sushis were made out of tampons.

Fall Fair Cupcake Decorating

It was quite a treat to watch the little ones as they meticulously spread pastel colored frostings and sprinkles atop their cupcakes.

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade