Thursday, March 31, 2011


The first thing I have in the morning these days is one full tiny little bottle of peach concentrate juice, which I got last Saturday when Johan and I went grocery shopping in this really peculiar Italian supermarket in town. It was quite a funny place. And odd mix of a delicatessen, wholesale, specialty store and wine shop. And I loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it! In fact, while we were in there I kept saying to Johan: "This makes me so happy!" Which really wasn't an exaggeration. For some reason grocery shopping in places that carry products different than those I'm used to, nothing less than rocks my world. Always have. As a kid, going to Carrefour in France was the best part of vacationing at the Côte d'Azur.
Anyway, back to the eyetalian store, because here's what we also got: Just about the best prosciutto I've had in ages (perfectly Sweet! Prosciutto has to be just a little bit sweet right?) and fennel seed taralucci - a combination Matteo is responsible for teaching me to eat.
Oh, and then we got Pellegrino. Guffaw! Maybe I've told you this before, but Matteo actually claims that Pellegrino isn't considered fancy water in Italy. In fact it might not be better than my generic brand water you see right there!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

print ain't dead. at least around this household it ain't.

In this household, the highlight of the week is when we get New York Magazine (sadly though, the delivery of it is so erratic that sometimes weeks pass by without us finding a single copy in our mail box).

Anyway, if you ask me, NY Mag is hands down the best magazine there is. The perfect mix of in-depth articles, politics, fashion, food, music, showbiz and gossip, neighborhood news and just the right seasoning of popular cultural quirkiness. And you know what else? I love it because it provides such a welcome change from consuming news online.

And since I presume that everyone else is just like me, here's what I think: Print. Will. Never. Die. It may dwindle away to near nothingness, sure. But downright die? Never! 

Visual Acuity Test

Or actually, it might have been a piece of art work by some artist. I noted two words in it. Then I lost interest:O)

Monday, March 28, 2011

more folding than puff pastry

Sometimes I wonder if my sister has Asperger's or some other disorder that would predispose her to different kinds obsessive compulsive behavior. Say, like, when she comes for a visit to my house and spots a drawer so full of plastic bags it won't shut and decides to sit down and neatly fold each and single one of them into a tight triangle.

I've got to give it to her though, she's got a real nice folding trick! I'm a little at a loss in terms of explaining how to do it, so maybe I should just ask her to do a quick tutorial when she comes next?

three sights with sky

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A floral selection (with basil)

There used to be a time when I really didn't care for flowers. Flowers outside in the wild, in a garden or in a floral shop I could enjoy, but having them in my house? No thanks. In fact, I remember that whenever my mother visited me in NY, she would offer to buy me flowers, and each time I would say thanks but no thanks, simply because I found it to be a cheesy piece of domestic decoration. Anyway, since then it's changed. Actually it might have hanged back when I mother planted flowers on my fire escape and I found it wasn't that bad. Heck, that it was even kind of nice!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a floater

Did you ever read David Sedaris' short story Big Boy? Where he's visiting an acquaintance at some fancy house, goes to the bathroom and finds a big old turd in the toilet and it's a real nasty floater that JUST. WONT. FLUSH. And obviously he can't just leave it there, because whoever is going to come next is going to think it's David's poo.
Giant inflatable dog poo by Paul McCarthy. Via here.

Well let me tell you I had some nightmare the other night. Maybe it was my poo, maybe it was someone else's, but the fact of the matter was that it JUST. WOULDN'T. FLUSH!

I can't remember how it ended, but sweet lord was I relieved when I woke up and found it all to be something I had dreamed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

my Rambo

Johan is one of those annoying people who 1) don't ever gain weight no matter what he eats 2) never gets cavities despite the fact he eats cookies and cake after brushing his teeth at night 3) has a natural six pack (you can bounce a coin off his belly!) and 4) can go six months without exercising, and when he finally does, he's still in perfect shape.

And now he's back to boxing. Well, truth be told I don't he think it's as much boxing that he's doing as all the exercise stuff that Rambo does when he's not in the ring. You know, like skipping, jogging around in the freezing cold in nothing but shorts and a T, and doing thousands of push-ups all while your coach reminds you that you're "Scum!!! Worse than scum!!!"....Or hey wait, is that the army?

In any event, I'm really jealous of the thorough exercise he gets. I mean, never in my life have I been able to push myself to the point where I broke a sweat like that, and yet I realize that it's exactly that kind of exercise you need to be doing if you want to get that great, drugged out feeling you always hear triathletes talk about.

Whenever I've been for one of my walks jogs, all I feel is meh.

He says I can come with him one day, but I think we both know I would just pass out and die, mid push-up and all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

These Guys Belong in a Rock Band

To be honest, I feel a little bad for making a joke of a miserable situation, but they just look so cool I couldn't help myself. So, if you feel an urge to feel even more depressed about the environment, go here to read.

morning with flash

Somehow really poor photography can look so artsy right? ;O)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

postermaking in the making

six pink bottles of booze on the wall, six pink bottles of booze, you take one down and what've you got, five pink bottles of booze on the wall

I got these from dad. Six bottles. I mean, who brings six? No one right? Except for my dad.

Truth be told he doesn't like to do things in moderation. He buys sweets in bulk. Wine in bulk. And as far as presents go, his philosophy seems to be: "Just overdo it" And who am I to complain;O)

Anyway, if you got a boat or a ship that needs to be named, you know who to call.

all springy

Today spring hit Copenhagen, and when I went for a run in the early evening it was 14 degrees C or somewhere in the low 50s. I think I wore half as many layers of running clothes as usual, and still I had to unzip my fleece jacket, which made me all giddy!

These pictures aren't from today though, but from Sunday afternoon when dad and I went for a walk out to the Opera House.

Monday, March 21, 2011

stuff on the walls

We redecorated the walls yesterday. We needed a bit of color, we decided.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Truth by Alexander Ebert

Don't you just dig?!

mid 80s IKEA at one buck a pop!

Brand-wise, these drinking glasses are really no big deal. But in terms of sentimental value, they're a huge deal. Like, major. You see, we had these when I was a kid, and I've been hunting around for them for ages. Well, maybe only for six month or so, but still.

I think they're mid 80s IKEA, and at approximately one buck a pop, I probably paid more for them than they were to begin with when they were fresh out of some factory in Southeast Asia.

I would have paid triple that amount though, because the joy I feel when I drink from them is plain ridiculous. The way they fit in my hand, and the feeling I get when I raise them to my lips? Oi, oi, oi, it's like sipping from a bottomless ocean of nostalgia, let me tell you.

Another childhood drinking glass series I desire is the Gaissa from Ittala. Look at it, isn't it beautiful?

Sunday Pancakes

When making buttermilk pancakes, I swear by this recipe from Joy of Baking. Either I'm extremely talented or else it's just a no-fail batter. I think it might be the latter.
Did you ever squeeze the juice of a lemon on your pancakes and top it with sugar? Johan does it as if it's the most natural thing in the world. I think it might be a Danish thing, but regardless, it's good:O)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spudlina the Spineless Hedgehog

When I saw this photo on Jezebel I was reminded of way back when my darling crossbreed terrier was neutered and upon which she was wrapped in this woven net-like thing in order to prevent her from licking her wound I guess, and perhaps from falling apart too?

At the time we nick-named her 'hamburgerryg', which is the Danish term for a specific piece of pork roast that is usually shaped with the help of an elastic net of sorts. Like in the pic below.
Go here to buy your pork sirloin roast! Shipping is free!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't you just love huuuuge baby mammals?!!

I can't bear how adorable the little one is when it chucks itself into the rubber pool at approximately 20 second in:0)

guilty of charge

Johan and I went to see a mediocre art show on the weekend and in addition to birds (remember?), I found that another recurring subject matter was mountains. You know, photos of mountain chains, often in black and white, typically paired with a little neon paint or something: Lush pinks, say. Or fluorescent greens and blues.

So there I was wailing about the lack of inventiveness, only to return home a little later and be reminded of the fact that I had recently been admiring this album cover:

And that just the other day, we put up these vintage photographs portraying, as you can see, mountainscapes.

(wholesome) outdoorsy types

Yesterday I enjoyed the year's first cup of coffee outdoors. Well, I had juice, but you get the idea.

alright, be that way whydontya

Johan bought this little print in the flea market that we visited in Sweden a couple of weekends ago - albeit not so much because of the print as the frame it was sitting in.

I was kind of smitten by the print though, and so I asked Johan permission to color her dismal face happy with my brand new felt-tip pens. Except, even with a frickin' rainbow of colors she still looks like an injured party if ever there was one. All that's missing is a tear running down her cheek, right?

So I finally decided to let her have it her way and paired her up with some stolen reappropriated copy from an old 70s ad. I can't remember what it was for, except it had a photo of two sad-looking little boys in it. You know, as the true victims of divorce.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

floss and ignorance

This morning I was standing in the bathroom, mentally preparing a blog post on dental floss, namely on the subject of Jordan dental floss and how its packaging is misleading. See that spool there in the middle? I was thinking to myself that it's kind of deceptive how they made it so thick and the same color as the floss, because evidently I thought it had several more yards of floss in it when suddenly, last night, it ran out.

And then I took a picture of it, and realized, as I was standing there with my camera, what a silly thing that would be to complain about in the light of everything happening in Japan. And how shameful it is that I have so far completely ignored that tragedy on my blog. How I keep ignoring all sorts of tragedy.

Problem is I have no idea what to say. In general I have no clue what to say when it comes to these immense tragedies that, let's face it, happen more often than we'd like to acknowledge, in distant corners of the world, sometimes resulting in nothing more than a couple of paragraphs in yesterday's newspaper.

And yet, at the same time, and in some strange way, it's as if everything beyond sober reporting fails to do such tragedies justice. Because, how can you ever attempt to write words proportionate with the hurt these people are feeling?

I guess that's not necessarily the point, but still.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Crime Prevention

Yesterday was a really eventful spring Sunday. Johan and I set out for what turned out to be a very long walk through a couple of Copenhagen neighborhoods, and on our way we visited a brunch and lunch place that closed its kitchen at 3 p.m. (sheer madness! I mean, on a Sunday?), and prevented a couple of pick-pockets from robbing innocent old ladies not once, nor sir, but twice.

Yes, you read it right, twice.

The first time I just made an abrupt halt and stared, in a mean and CC TV'ish manner, at a couple of miserable looking drug addicts as they walked in lockstep behind a lady carrying a rucksack on her back, which made them hurry away while turning around now and then to see if I still had my eyes on them. Which I had.

Second time around I caught the same dudes red-handed with the one guy's hand digging into a lady's purse. And you wanna know what I did? I slapped his hand! Yes I did! Or rather, I made a slapping gesture and said: "Will you stop it?!"

I'm telling you my heart was beating fast and I wanted to just twist his arm, force him to the ground,  and keep him there till the police came. But alas, I was too much of a chicken to do so. I mean, guys like that don't have anything to loose, so you never know if they'll suddenly hold you at knife-point of something. Right?

Instead we took, hmm, let's just call it the 'dialogic approach'.

After having scurried off, the two of them, for god knows what reason, turned around and came back towards us and asked: "What's the problem?"

"You're stealing, that's what the problem is", Johan said very manly.
"You're crazy", the one guy said. Shook his head. And then they walked off to rob other people.

Anyway, what a Sunday, huh?! +8 degrees C and all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 4-year anniversary giveaway: Your very own manwhore!

Yes sirree, it's March 12 2011 and it's now 4 years ago that I posted my very first entry on this blog! Fanfare! Confetti! Fireworks! Balloons!

(Quick aside: I find it very saying that my first entry consisted of a photo of yours truly captioned "me, myself, I", which I posted thinking it would turn out as my profile picture. As far as blogging goes, I seem to lack not a certain je ne sais quoi (because, come on, we can all agree I have that thing, right?), but rather a certain savoir faire. It's taken me aaaaages to catch on to the netiquette of the blogosphere, and hence I've been really slow at making cyber friends. To this day, I remain one of the internets' most underappreciated bloggers. In fact, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this but Johan, and the only reason I  know he does is because I quiz him every night to make sure that he has.)

Anyways, for days, weeks and months I've been thinking about how to celebrate this red-letter day, and finally decided to do as bloggers do and have a giveaway! And since I just started watching Hung, I feel inspired to give away a manwhore. And not just any manwhore. No sir. I'm giving away my manwhore. Johan. (Here illustrated through uncredited pictures of Fabio, whom, it should be noted, I don't think of as a whore, but rather as a particularly desirable specimen of the male species. I'm sure you do too.)

Just to let you know, Johan has given his full consent, even agreed to pose in the nude for some complimentary photos but quickly withdrew his offer once I reminded him of his ambition to make a career within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (But hey, shoot me an email if you want to know what you're getting in to. Pictures will be furnished upon request.)

So dear readers, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation and geographical location, please leave a comment below sometime before Monday evening, upon which a winner will be chosen somewhat at random.

Also, if your libido isn't high or if you simply prefer receiving sexual favors from someone else than my boyfriend, feel free to enter this competition with a note saying what your manwhore can do for you. Cook? Clean? Pick up your kids from daycare? Lie naked on a furry rug in front of the fire place and laugh at your jokes? You name it!

And to the rest of you, thanks for reading. Even though I don't know who most of you are, it means the world to me that you bother to pop by now and then and read what I have to say. And I mean that sincerely:O)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

(ovenroasted) hash

Johan cooked me this for dinner and it was a most scrumptious thing! It had left-over veal, potatoes, red onions, apples, herbes de provence and a touch of s and p.

Oh, and a good dollop of butter. And some olive oil. All of it roasted in the oven and not in a pan.

the sky above Copenhagen

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Campari and JAWS!

I have strikingly weak nerves. If I hear a gunshot on TV, I jump in my seat. If I hear a door bell on TV, I jump in my seat. If my door bell rings, as in real life, I nearly faint in a combination of fright and surprise. In fact, if someone were to throw me a surprise party or suddenly unwrap themselves from a cardboard box like in those scare prank compilations on Americas Funniest Home Videos, I fear I might slip into a scare-induced coma.

Which is perhaps why I ought to have passed on Mads' offer of a Campari and soda the other night when we settled down on the couch to watch Jaws. Because before I knew it, Richard Dreyfuss was diving around in the ocean beneath a boat, and YIKES!, out of nowhere, looking straight into the very pale face of a semi-eaten drowned man with his eyes still wide open.

And I jumped in my seat.

And as you may have already guessed, that was also about when there was suddenly Campari and soda all over the place. On my cardigan. On Mads' cardigan. His tee. The white pillows on the really neat couch. In the really neat apartment. That he is currently subletting from some really stylish friends.

The End.