Wednesday, September 28, 2011

boys with snot are not OK

Isn't she awesome? She's all like: "This is not it? It shouldn't be OK".

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I thought I'd show you some more souvenirs from my archives

Like, this pretty Disney Dollar. I don't know if you can tell, but it's really well-made.
A one Dollar bill that I saved from my first trip to Los Angeles (I think I was 9-years old) along with the key card to our hotel in Marina Beach.
Pretty, old hair curlers. I must have gone through a phase where I collected oddities like this.

A thank you card from the baptism of my younger cousin Carl and the confirmation of my older cousin Gabriella. It must be from 1986.

I totally dig my mother's 'fro and my older cousin's very church-appropriate turquoise sweat suit. As you my also notice, my sis and I (on the right) were always the pale kids in the bunch, while my other cousins where deliciously tan.

Best. Lunch. Ever.

When my mom visited last weekend, she brought loads of chanterelles for my sister and I, freshly picked from the Swedish woodlands;O) Yesterday Johan and I fried them up in butter and garlic and topped them with parmesan and parsley.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Photographic Collection Of The Most Beautiful Women Of The World

I was sorting through a bunch of my knicknacks today - as I'm wont to do - and found some raunchy trading cards with some titillating pictures of some of most beautiful women of the world.
Look here! Nothing quite as sexy as a (Bolivian?) woman squatting over a tiger! Meow, is all I can say!
Or an American who, to me, kinda looks like she's taking a dump. A sexy dump?
Or a Korean (shemale?) in sexy white pantyhose and sexy hot pants by Guess. With her Nation's flag on her tush and all.

Der Kleine Schwede

How's this for cute? My friend Laura gave it to me, and if I'm not mistaken, she brought it all the way back from Berlin.


This is what I had for breakfast this morning, and what I plan on having tomorrow morning as well: Pancakes with figs and pancetta - and a dollop of lemon curd to make it all go down.

Such a satisfying combination folks, should you feel inclined to try it out:O)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turkish craft

It's cold in Copenhagen nowadays and so I've started wearing my little woolen sock-slipper-thingies that I got when Johan and I went to Istanbul in the spring. I bought them from an old toothless lady sitting in the street, who charged the equivalent of ten bucks for them.

I thought they were so nice and definitely worth that price, so I decided not to haggle with her and just hand her the dough. Which I did, much to the amusement of another street vendor, who cracked up when he saw how much she succeeded in charging me. 

Tunes from Annie get your gun and outdated celebrity gossip

All day yesterday I was whistling this fragment of "Anything You Can Do" (presumably because it's the only part I know), while doing this little dance from an old Gap ad.

Just so we're clear, it was all in my head.

On a side note, I'd like you to know that I think Patrick Wilson is just wonderful, especially when clad in Mormon undergarments, but that I feel so-so about Claire Danes. After that whole Billy Crudup affair*, I've said to myself that if Claire Danes ever tries to become friends with me, I'll just be like, "no girlfriend. 'Cos before I know it, I bet you'll be after my man."

*I am here referring to the incident some 7 or 8 eight years ago when a seven months pregnant Marie-Louise Parker was left by the father of her baby, Billy Crudup, because the sucker preferred to play kissing games with Claire Danes. What morons. I mean, who does that? I'm sure Marie-Louise Parker has got over it, but I for sure haven't.

a slice of nice

A piece of pancetta can do magic things for a slice of pizza bianca con patate. I looked on a bit suspicious when I saw Johan slap it on there, but it turned out nothing less than dee-lish.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Despite the fact that the apartment is equipped with a large and lovely dining table, Johan and I usually wind up having every single evening meal while sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Some may find that a horrendous habit, and to a certain extent, I do too. It's not that we necessarily gawk at the TV and drop things from our mouths as we absentmindedly sit and chew, but I do see that it make us more slouchy and that it requires less of us conversation wise - as opposed to when we sit right across from one another, I mean.

Anyway, if now you think less of me, I can inform you that every time we have people over for dinner, we do manage to sit upright by the dining table for hours on end and have lively conversations too. Oh, and sometimes, on weekends, we have breakfast at the dining table while conversing and reading intellectual magazines - now how's that for civilized?!

Monday, September 19, 2011


This weekend, Marie and I went to Louisiana, the museum of modern art up north of Copenhagen.

If you're a Dane and used to going, I really recommend that you bring a foreigner along, because once you're there with someone who's there for the first time, you really realize how gorgeous and unusual that museum is.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

on my fall wish list

If there's one thing I'd like this fall, it's this reddish-brown and semi-blind seal pup found in Russia, expelled, excluded and abandoned by its narrow-minded black-furred family.

I think it will go well with my wardrobe for fall and winter, and in the evening, I'm thinking we can lounge together on the couch and watch cartoons while I spray it with a vaporizer and slap it an occasional high five.

local fare

My mom has been in Copenhagen too this weekend, and this being Marie's first time in Denmark, we decided she ought to try out a Danish open sandwich before she left.

We opted for a modern and minimal version of our peculiar national fare, served up at this place - which, by the by, you can also find in Tribeca.

Marie has been here this weekend!

And she's in a show in the city too! "Face, Head and Shoulders" it's called.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fall foods

It's only midweek, but it close to insane how much I'm already longing for the weekend! Fall weather has arrived in full in Copenhagen, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Johan has weekend plans for cooking up something slow-braised and yummy. Real yummy.

Last weekend he made osso bucco. Bless him!

little pleasures

I personally find that the best part of preparing couscous salad is the bit where I've chopped up all my vegetables and it's time to smother it in oil and spices. I add them all at once in one big heap - coriander, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, S&P, fennel seeds -and finally, I mix it all all up. So rustic, right! ;O)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

up north

Yesterday, Maj and I went up north for a visit to Johan's parents' house, which wasn't half bad. As you can tell, they live right by the sea, and it was great to feel a little grass under my feet and some cool ocean air in my little city lungs. There's a bounty of blackberries up there, and they're just in season, so we picked a good load of those. Or rather, Johan's dad did while I took dibs on the task of taking them off his hands once he reemerged from the prickly thicket.

We also tried collecting some sea buckthorn, the orange berries you see in the second photo from the top. They're all the rage among dilettante fancy chefs in Denmark after some of the city's fanciest restaurants started integrating them into their super sophisticated versions of local fare.

"There are so many of them!" we marveled at first, but then it turned out they were a true bitch to collect. The bushes are covered in nasty thorns, you see.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Tiny Houseguest

Anne was here today with her tiny toddler, and although I had baked baby-size versions of my now world famous plum in madeira mazarins - and it was the first time ever that she was fed chocolate - she was fare more impressed with my porcelain figurines.

It's funny with little kids how they seem instinctually drawn to frail and delicate things.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

plum in madeira mazarin

A favored chocolate around this house is one that goes by the name of Plum in Madeira. Apart from a little bit of plum soaked in Madeira wine, it mostly consists of a thick layer of marzipan covered in dark chocolate.

Seeing I've been cooking up heaps of cherry plum marmalade of late, I figured I might try to reconceptualize the Plum in Madeira chocolate as a cake. A muffin- of cup cake-sized cake.

And above you see the result, which I'm very happy with! It's a small slightly hollowed out mazarin cake with a dollop of plum marmalade and a tiny drop of Limoncello (my substitute for Madeira the only dessert liquor I had around the house...). On top is a thick layer of marzipan with a really dark chocolate cover. I think a triple-punctuation is in order here...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The dog with longest ears in the entire world.

If I had this dog, I would sleep beside it every night, and on particularly sunny and hung over mornings, I would just lean over and flap one of its ears across my face and use it as an eye cover.

By the way, there's a video about it on Jezebel where its owner recounts how it used to trip on its own ears when it was a puppy!

Jesus, this is one fine dog. Exactly the kind I'd like to have. (As I write this, I realize that the way Johan of London is with cars, I am with dogs. Whenever he sees a real fancy car - an old Porche or Maserati or Ferrari, he claims it to be the his dream car. His absolute dream car. Until the next fancy vehicle passes by. Me, I think I spot my dream dog weekly.)

stuck inside

I was struck down by a cold on Saturday, and didn't wind up doing much on the weekend but hang out inside. Good thing is I finally got around to taking some pictures of the apartment post the redecorating we did some four months back.
See that super gorgeous poster in the picture above? It's by Johan's friend Bue, who's a true whiz when it comes to making posters and sculptures and anything else creative.
How do you dig my new dinosaur? Johan bought it for me for $3.99 at the Museum of Natural History, and I find it to be just about the greatest little souvenir ever. It's all squishy and good for fighting rheumatism.
These are some apples we picked on Friday. They're sour but pretty. The vase used to be my granny Toga's. I find it kind of amusing that the little harlequin-figure is so unimpressed with everything I place before her. She's always like "yeah whatever...I'm just gonna go on and play my flute".

Maybe I should've gone a little easy on the exposure. It's just that light it so purrrty. And makes everything look cleaner.
 Take my word for it.