Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I realize I may be a bit late in picking up on this - and on top, that I should feel a bit offended by its chauvinist tone - but oh how I love when ads get 100 % pertinent.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I've been pickling this weekend.

Provided that making one single jar of cucumber salad constitutes pickling? Somehow I feel you ought to have produced a whole pantry full before you can rightfully say that you've been pickling.

Anyway, I think I may be at my happiest when I'm pickling, so I think I'm gonna do it some more. There's something so comforting about preserving and hoarding food for winter, I think I could do it year round.

sitcom floor plans

Via Tastefully Offensive.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

commercial break

Sweet lord, this is clever. I admit that I haven't sat behind the wheel of a car for more than 10 years or so, but that doesn't mean I can't relate to what a pleasurable surprise it must be to stick a parking ticket in your mouth and find out that it's mint- rather than cardboard-flavored.

Has anyone done this with stamps yet? Or other things one inadvertently sticks in one's mouth?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah goes to the beach

I'm not exactly what you'd call a beach bum, but on Sunday, it was so hot and sunny, the only thing I could think about was submerging myself in water. Really we could have just jumped in the canal right by our house, but I'm one of those sissies who has to be able to reach the bottom when I go for a swim. And so, instead, I talked Johan into going to the beach, where it turned out a quaint block party was waiting.

We wound up going for a swim in the kids' section, which I always seem to prefer. If there's a crowd, it's like I can better handle being surrounded by people who are smaller than me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

not for wrapping fish

By the time we receive our issue of the New Yorker in our Copenhagen mailbox, the story referenced on its cover is usually yesterday's news at best. In other words, bear with me if you don't exactly find this artful cover newsorthy, because you, unlike me, actually received your July 23 issue somewhere close to that date.

Anyway, delayed or not, I think it's absolutely gorgeous and clever and all nice things in between. It's by Mark Ulriksen, if you must know;O)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Desi style fusion halal American Chinese Authentic Food" is actually a thing

After having read one too many articles about the abundance and diversity of cuisines in Jackson Heights, we finally decided it was time to go see what all the fuss was about. And so we ventured to Queens, on a culinary tour of sorts, meticulously planning to eat our way through the entire neighborhood.

That was the intention anyway. In reality, we felt so full after our first stop into a restaurant serving Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani style Chinese that our foodie expedition ended right there. But at least I got to try masala onion rings - the concept of which was very novel and exciting to me: Battered and deep-fried and smothered (and caramelized?) in some kind of spicy masala sauce. We also stocked up on pounds and pounds of nuts, which is absolutely nuts to do when you need to fly across the Atlantic to get home. I guess we just got a little carried away.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There was a time when I too would have dismissed a salade niçoise served on a pizza crust as "tacky"

I've become so self-conscious about taking pictures of food in restaurants that I hardly do it anymore, so when Johan and I went to a close-to-empty Pulino's for an early lunch a couple of hours before getting to the airport, I didn't miss out on the opportunity to grab my camera and stick it lens down into my plate!

Anyway, about Pulino's. For some bizarre reason I've had such an aversion to that place ever since it openend. One day there was nothing on the corner of Houston and Bowery. The day after, there was a fully functioning restaurant with so much patina, you'd think it had been there for a century. But then one evening this summer, we caved in and went. And then we went again. And again, because seriously, this is by far one of the best Italian-American restaurants I've ever been to. Their pizza crust is to die for. Like, throwing-your-head-back-in-laughter-and-saying-"death-you-don't-scare-me" to die for, and if nothing else, you should go for a slice or ten of that. And while you're at it, try their clam ceviche. And their carpaccio. And all the other things on the menu. And then finish it off with an affogato.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We've returned home! To fresh flowers and veal fricassée!

Jesus, it's good to be home. If it weren't for the fact I had to rush straight to work when we got back on Thursday morning, I could have downright got down and kissed made out with the floor of our apartment. That's how good it felt.

And to make matters even better, Johan's dad had stocked the fridge with fancy gourmet food. Like, the kind that comes in fancy glass jars and which you'd always be too stingy to splurge on yourself.

Oh, and flowers too:O)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

they're still here!

One of the records we have on repeat at home is a collection of The Zombies' best singles, so when Johan saw they were going to play in New York while we were here, he went straight ahead and got us tickets:O)

The concert was last night and it was basically Johan and I, a handfull of 60's obsessed teens and a whole bunch of rockin' 70-year olds who attended. Obviously they didn't sing as great as they did in their heyday, but as cheesy as it may sound, there was so much love in that jam-packed concert hall that it really didn't matter much. We both wound up leaving the show positively floating on air and kind of looking forward to our own retirement.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

There was just too much crucifying, piousness and slaughtering of unicorns back then.

When I moved to New York in the summer of 2005, the first friend I made was a Dutch girl who was only going to be in the city for one semester. When she reached the end of it, she began getting serious about touristing, and somehow managed to cram in all (and I do mean all) the city's major and minor sights within one and a half week. I didn't really tag along to that many of them, as I figured I had ample time to do it, but the irony is of course that even though I wound up staying here for five years, I actually never made it to Ellis Island to pat The Statue of Liberty on her toes.

One of the places that she went to which I purposely avoided however, was The Cloisters in Washington Heights - a museum composed of five French cloisters, which were disassembled in France before being shipped to New York where they were rebuilt to house the Met's medieval arts and artifacts (seriously, who comes up with an idea like that?).

Anyway, the reason I never went is that I hate everything medieval. Hate it, hate it, hate it. It makes me feel depressed, anxious and as if I'm supposed to die any minute, and when I finally caved in and went there with Johan the other day, I actually left the museum gallery and sought refuge in the gorgeous courtyard, as I found it seriously hard to breathe in there. Johan thought I was silly, but I'm sure there are many out there who feel exactly the same about the 5th to 15th century. Right?

I'm starting to feel a little homesick

Thursday, August 2, 2012

my new favorite hangout

On Houston and Pitt. Open every day from 11 to 3 and 4 to 7 :O)

my very first drive-in movie!

To say that Johan was dying to see The Dark Knight Rises would be an understatement, and perhaps his excitement about it was what eventually made me agree to go see it with him, even though I knew beforehand it wouldn't be my thing. All that fighting and random exploding makes me nervous and anxious, in the light of which it's nothing less than ridiculous that I actually wound up going to see it twice. Yup, twice.

We drove past a drive-in movie theater in Cape Cod, you see, and we both got so excited about the prospect of sitting in our car, eating burgers and drinking milkshakes, we simply had to go. The only movie they were showing, however, was Batman. And so I wound up enduring that 2 hour and 44 minute feature once again. In all honesty I spent a lot of time looking at the moon. At least I think it was the moon. Come to think of it, it might have been a street lamp.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"it was creepy at night, yet fun"

In Cape Cod, we stayed in a helter-skelter B & B (see below) that was slowly but surely falling apart just like its toupée'd proprietor. It was very dark and mildewy, had pictures of old captains all about, and the first thing we saw upon our arrival was the message "it was creepy at night, yet fun", which an anonymous person had jotted down in the guest book.

And creepy (in a fun way) it was. I don't know if it was that note in the guest book that put is in a weird mood, but everything in Yarmouthport seemed like it had been taken straight out of a Stephen King story. Right from the saltbox houses and colonial inns, to the graveyard and train crossing we had to pass before getting to lake for a swim. Yikes, I get chills down my spine just writing about it!