Tuesday, January 8, 2013

vitamins and gran

I went grocery shopping late the other night and walked past a shelf with vitamins on special. And it reminded me so much of my grandmother, and how she used to be so diligent about taking her vitamins and drinking vegetable juice, and the way she'd patter about in her kitchen and prepare afternoon or evening tea along with a plate full of different cookies and sweets, and how she'd always have a plate on the kitchen counter with a half-eaten piece of white toast that she didn't finish in the morning because she was so adamant about eating her piece of rye bread first, which made her feel full, I guess.

And I missed her so much because she was just the best there ever was.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here's to a new year, Hillary being out of the hospital, avoiding the fiscal cliff, underindulgent breakfasts and failing spectacularly

Since new year's, I think I've read 257 bloggers' new year's resolutions online, and somewhere half way, I kind of decided that I wasn't going to post any myself.

Then again, consistency has never been my strong point, so here goes: I wanna write more and I wanna paint more and I wanna be less intimidated by the prospect of failing at both. Also, I want to work hard and stay humble*.

*Provided it means I will become successful.