Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look what Matteo made for the No 7-Eleven campaign!

They're opening a 7-Eleven on the street corner of 11th and A - A.K.A our hood. Which sucks. Massively. Al predicts they wont get much business though because they don't offer store credit. I'm hoping he's right.

Monday, May 27, 2013

According to Angel, we came down a real man and a real woman.

I figure I better pull myself up by bootstraps and get blogging about my trip to China before I forget all the amusing tidsbits and all that will be left to show from that vacation is some 700 hundred unedited photos.

So here we go. The Great Wall. Been there and done that, although to be honest, Johan and I came embarrassingly close to not doing it at all. On our second to last day in Beijing we were suddenly hit by travelers fatigue, and making a one-day trip to (a reconstruction of) the wall on a bus crammed with tourists felt like a perfectly insurmountable task.

But hey, we did it and it was totally worth it. And not just the walking on the wall bit, but even the riding on the bus with our tour guide Angel, who initiated every single sentence by exclaiming: "Hello everybody!"

At second thought, that just may have been the absolute best part. The second best part was watching a big American family helping their old feeble grandfather as he slowly made his way up the stairs to the viewing deck. I choked up instantly because I thought that was so beautiful.

This is the only picture I have of Johan and me together on the wall. I never ask people to take a proper photo os us, and afterwards, when I realize that a bad selfie is all I've got, I feel like a total ass.
I took several photos of Johan though. Mostly from behind because he, like me, feels so self-conscious when there's a camera around. 

And Johan, in turn, took this one of me, beautifully flanked by a power-napping Chinese fella and a trash can.

And after an hour and a half, we travelled back down again in our bright orange cable car, feeling both vertigo and happiness from experiencing the transformation, which the wall supposedly excites.

"Hello everybody. When you go to the great wall, you come down a real man, and a real woman. Hello everybody! Are you ready to become the real man and the real woman today?"


Thursday, May 16, 2013

no naked flames

Coming across odd, English translations of Chinese figurative language and idioms was one of the things I was honestly looking forward to, when we visited China. Hence I was a bit on the lookout for them :O)

When I saw the top one (which I found really poetic, by the by) I was reminded of David Sedaris' book "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" - the title referring to the headline of a fire escape manual he found in a hotel room in Japan instructing guests on what to do in the event they found themselves, well, engulfed in flames.